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The selection results of the national campaign CanSat 2019

on 08 February 2019

The selection of the teams that will participate in the CanSat 2019 national competition finals has been finalised. The selection process is becoming increasingly difficult from year to year, due to the ever increasing quality of the candidate teams.

The selected teams are as follows:

  • GRASP, coordinator Anastasiu Elena, „Alexandrucel Bun” College, Gura Humorului, Suceava County [development region 1 NE]
  • TOMIS 5, coordinator Bararu Ion, „Mircea celBatran” National College, Constanta, Constanta County [development region 2 SE]
  • ASTRONAUTICA, coordinator Radu George, DREPT Association, Aninoasa, DambovitaCounty [development region 3 S]
  • Terraformers, coordinator State Gabriel, „Ienachita Vacarescu” National College, Targoviste, Dambovita [development region 3 S]
  • Sat_ONE, coordinator Nicolescu Vlad, Elena Cuza National College, Craiova, Dolj County [development region 4 SV]
  • Laika, coordinator Iorgu Adrian, CoderDojo TM @ StartUpHub, Timisoara, Timis County [development region 5 V]
  • HELIOS, coordinator Farkas Corina, „Sabin Dragoi” Art College and „Vasile Goldis” National College Arad, Arad County [development region 5 V]
  • CoderDojoOradeaSpaceRobotics, coordinator Erzse Daniel, CoderDojo Oradea, Bihor County [development region 6 NV]
  • MIKO19, coordinator Peto Maria, Székely Mikó High School, Sf. Gheorghe, Covasna County [development region 7 C]
  • Tech in a canshell, coordinator Stanescu Viorica, Sf. Sava National College, Bucuresti [development region 8 B]

The Finals of the 2019 CanSat National Competition will take place between 22 and 25 April and it will be hosted by the West University of Timisoara. 

The revised calendar for the participants is:

  • Third stage: CanSat construction:
    • Preliminary design review – deadline 17.03.2019
    • Critical design review – deadline 17.04.2019
  • Fourth stage: Launching campaign – 22-25.04.2019

The 2019 European CanSat Competition will take place in Medicina, Bologna, Italy, from 24 to 28 June 2019. The launch campaign will be hosted on ESA’s behalf by SierrafoxSrl, in collaboration with local partners. 

Image credit: ESA